Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Farmers Market

So I recently hauled some of my wares to the Athens Farmers Market at Bishop Park and had a really great time meeting tons of people and chatting about my jewelry. I started by signing up for one Saturday per month at the market, but after the great performance 2 Saturdays ago, I decided to sign up for many additional Saturdays. I expect to be there every 3 Saturdays or so if you wanna come by and check out my new pieces. I noticed that many people like my keyhole necklaces that have angel wings. I sold out of all of these styles in particular and now I am on a grand search for more antique keyholes! Each one has been one of a kind so I am trying to find really cool and unique keyholes.

On another note, I quit my full time day job and am now searching for a part time job in Athens. I really just needed more time to focus on my jewelry business. If anyone knows of any cool part time jobs let me know!

I will be working on my website (www.rusticroses.com) during the next couple of weeks and hopefully it will be up soon!

Well, enough about me and my happenings.

Off to Copper Creek for some awesome $2 pints!

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  1. Hello! I have been bragging about you. LOL. I can't wait till tammy sees her necklace (Sunday), and I am still serious about our getting together sometime. I have this fantastic book now that I am happy to show sometime.
    Keep up with me and let me know when you will be back at the Farmers Market. Your work totally rocks!
    Candace in Athens.x