Thursday, June 11, 2009

Farmers Market Issues and New Jewelry

So apparently the Athens Farmers Market is now full (yay for them), but I may not be getting all of the dates I signed up for (bad for me). We shall see what the day brings, but I will be very distraught if my dates have been given to someone one applied way after me.  I sure hope that doesn't happen :(. I will keep you updated as soon as I know something.

On another note, between root canals and errands, I have found some time to make a few new pieces. The first one pictured has authentic antique chandelier crystals and an antique skeleton key on a 30" brass chain. The second is a simple antiqued brass angel's wing necklace that measures 16" in length. The third is a really cool OOAK statement necklace that features an antique cabinet drawer backing with an antique chandelier crystal. This necklace measures 16" as well.


  1. Rose,
    Spoke to you briefly @ the FM today. I was the one that rec'd the junk shop out in Carlton. Hopefully, you'll find some great new treasures there.
    I was looking for one of your more simple pieces that you had on display today - the chain with the single pearl? When, where, how can I get one of those? I LOVED IT!

  2. I haven't put the single pearl necklace on etsy yet. I only have one left right now, but I am bringing it to the farmer's market next week. Shoot me an email at if you would like me to save it for you!

  3. Those jewelry designs are very different and unique!! Nice use of material... I got new crystal jewelry from Swarovski...

  4. Oh.. I love your things! I have a request, if you could w/b.
    For some reason my emails are not getting thu. I am getting married in June and I want to get my three bridesmaids a certain necklace.
    Thanks, be well