Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The woes of being tall...something I know nothing about.

So Athfest is over and Athens, GA returns to its full summer doldrums again.  Ross and I went to see the live recording of the Mountain Music and Medicine Show at the Morton Theatre on Sunday. It was a lot of fun, with bluegrass and bad jokes.  The format was similar to A Prairie Home Companion, but with less talk and more music.  

The humidity is low outside was actually a pleasure to go outside and take pictures of my jewelry. The wind even kept the mosquitoes off of me for a few minutes, something almost unheard of here. If I hadn't gone just yesterday, I would go to the Red Eye Cafe in Bottleworks and enjoy some pistachio gelato...but, I figure I should wait as least a day before having gelato again :) If you haven't made it to Red Eye yet, definitely check it out. They have been open for six months or so and the atmosphere is very relaxing. Just don't try it on Tuesday for you will find that they are closed.

Well, on to the new jewelry that I have been making...check it out:

The first necklace is made from some sort of Marine Insignia that screwed onto something...I had to cut those screws of the back to make it into pendant. This necklace is for my sister who is visiting home before returning to her station out in CA. She you might have guessed, a Marine (as is her husband).

The second necklace is a antique skeleton key that has been turned on its side...I just love the simplicity of this piece and each key is so unique!

The third piece is just something fun that I made for all those tall ladies out there (note: I am short). I had a lot of fun coming up with this one and making it! It says "its not easy being tall" and features a cute giraffe charm. I just love stamping brass!

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  1. Hey there!
    Sorry I have missed you at the Market (illness) but will catch up with you soon. These are FUN.
    Candace in Athens.