Friday, July 10, 2009

I tried to cross the river but my oxen died...

Well, its been a crazy week at the Pringle household. Ross and I have a total of $8.64 cents between our checking account and my business account. We have been waiting on a paycheck from UGA that is "in the mail" as they say. Sometimes the university system can be so frustrating. I am hoping that tomorrow's farmers market at Bishop Park will help with the finances. I have been making a ton of new stuff hoping that it will strike someone's interest!

Recently I have been using pennies in various designs. I used to make jewelry and other odds and ends out of pennies when I was little. We have a railroad track that runs very close to my childhood home out in the country...and when I was younger I would put 10-20 pennies on the tracks and then wait a day or so and go back to pick up the mashed disks that had flung all along the tracks and get my dad to drill holes in them to make things. I know that this is awful to some of you and honestly I am so relieved that I never derailed the train (!!) but from what I am told, pennies are very unlikely to derail trains anyhow...but I am no expert so who knows? Anyway, these days I am using regular old unmashed pennies. I love their bright color and they reflect light very well. All my life I was told that I must have swallowed a dollar because I broke out in pennies (freckles for those that don't know the saying). I made this necklace using that inspiration:

Anyhow, I love funky jewelry like this and I sometimes think that it may be too out there for anyone else to want...but who knows?

Also from my childhood...the ancient computer game "Oregon Trail". Anyone else know what I am taking about? I think you have to be a child of the eighties to have played it in school...but in a nutshell, it is this game designed to teach kids about the oregon trail and the diseases and plights of Americans during that time in history. So, you and your companies set out of a journey and depending on how things went, you encountered various plights from disease, hunger, deep fjords, etc. and had to figure out how to survive. This necklace is inspired by the dreaded day when you tried to cross the river, but your oxen died:


  1. I never heard the saying before, but I may also have swallowed a dollar! I like your style x

  2. I never swallowed a dollar as I am usually so broke I just never thought I should if I even had one.

    I am going to check out that gelato you talked about in the last post. YUM.
    That Oregon Trail would be a fun gift for an American History teacher, wouldn't it? LOL.
    See you soon, I hope!
    Candace in Athens.