Monday, July 20, 2009

Support the Athens Farmers Market

So this post is really all about the recent controversy surrounding the latest issue of Flagpole. Charlie Mustard of Jittery Joes coffee wrote a short editorial piece describing his frustration with his rejection regarding this 2009 season farmers market. You can read the piece here, as well as the official Athens Farmers Market response here.

I encourage everyone to become aware of this "situation" so that you are well informed when someone in town brings it up...and they likely will. In my own opinion, as a person that works most markets, I believe that the farmers market in an upstanding establishment that did what it had to do in order to work within the size limitations as well as the market rules and regulations. I personally feel very fortunate that my jewelry 'passed the test' and that I am allowed to sell at the farmers market at Bishop Park. Despite how you feel about the inclusion (or lack there of) of Jittery Joes in the market, I hope that you will continue to make it out to the market to support all of the good farmers and vendors that are currently there. I, for one, love 1000 faces coffee and it is sad that several people have begun a sort of picketing of their products because of this flagpole editorial piece. I do hope that you will not reject 1000 faces coffee because of this controversy because I can tell you from personal experience that these people are good people and they care as much if not more about Athens, GA than the next person. I believe that both 1000 faces and Jittery Joes could inhabit the market together and both be successful in doing so. We all have our reasons for why we choose one product over another, whether it be taste, presentation, product history, company morals or cost. I just ask that you continue to buy 1000 faces or Jittery Joes coffee for these same reasons and not becuase of some disaggreement over market spots. After all, I bet if you asked both companies what matters most...they would respond, "the coffee."

And to end this jewelry using framed milk bottle caps, vintage postcard/ad clippings, and stereoviews! Also, a new piece entitled "Flight of the Jailbird".

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  1. Hi, thanks for this update on this (unfortunate) situation which I knew nothing about. Gee whiz... yeah, the 1000 Faces folks are just fantastic people and love coffee, the environment and this city as much as anyone.

    And, your new pieces are just great! Hope to see you soon at the Market.

    Candace in Athens.